Camp Bisco 9 & My Current Bill Of Health

This week has been rough. I was in Philadelphia all of last week, and my flight home arrived at LAX on Sunday night. I’ve been recovering from my trip ever since.

While I was back east, I went to Camp Bisco (for the 4th year in a row) with a bunch of friends. I had an absolute blast… Perhaps I had too much fun? I’m not sure, but my body is covered in some sort of hive/rash thing. It’s slowly but surely spreading, and as of today it’s on my face. My eye is all swollen up. Awesome. WebMD, what’s going on?

Why am I SO ITCHY!?!?

This is fantastic, too, because I just got over the most ferocious case of poison ivy/oak/whatever that I’ve ever had in my life. That came to me compliments of some hiking in Monterey, CA. I probably leaked enough pus from that to fill a bathtub. Who’s hungry?

Anyway, Camp Bisco was a blast, as usual. Definitely some of the most fun I’ve had all year, despite an insane lightning storm (with tornado warnings) that brought the music to a screeching halt on Saturday afternoon. Brothers Past were about 20 minutes into their set when the death clouds rolled in, and the music was interrupted with a stern warning to “return to your cars and seek shelter immediately”. Another camera was ruined in the process. That’s number 3 this year, which actually isn’t too shabby considering my track record.

I doubt many of you are into The Disco Biscuits, but if you’re interested, I got some halfway decent videos. This one is my favorite (especially right around 8:16) and there are more here, here, etc. I also got some footage of Ween, LCD Soundsystem, and more… Check ’em out in my YouTube account if you’re interested.

Alright, I need to get back to scratching myself like a crackhead.

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4 Responses to Camp Bisco 9 & My Current Bill Of Health

  1. J-A
    July 23, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    Sounds like a possible Bisco allergy that has developed slowly. Just a heads up, visiting your site now brings me directly to the “best headline” post. I thought maybe you had set things up to forward to the most recent post, but it’s still taking me to that one.

    Thanks for all the updates, coming to this site is a blast

  2. HK
    July 24, 2010 at 12:07 am

    yeah, it takes me there too. Seems like the index file got erased or something, you can only go from article to article. Still using wordpress?

  3. Jiglet
    July 26, 2010 at 9:11 am

    I noticed but didn’t have too much time to troubleshoot it, and couldn’t fix it on Friday. Just now disabled plugins one by one, and it was the “Redirection” plugin I was using, I guess it wasn’t compatible with WP 3.0. Thanks for the heads up though.

    Yeah, Bisco allergy sounds about right. It also attacked my right ankle so I’ve been gimping around for the past week or so. Fun stuff. Hopefully I’ll get hit by a meteor or something too.

  4. pmaster
    July 26, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    Hold left key during YouTube videos to play a game of snake! Anyone else tried this?


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